Luz Muñoz

Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Barcelona


Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Barcelona and member of the Research Group Quality of the Democratic since 2007.

She has carried out postdoctoral research stays at the University of Newcastle (2013) and at the University of Washington (2017) thanks to the José Castillejo grant from the Ministry of Education and Science. She has a background in International Relations from the National Autonomous University of Mexico and in Political Science from the University of Barcelona. Her research has focused on the analysis of the policy process with special emphasis on the role of institutions and interest groups. She has collaborated in various international networks such as the Comparative Policy Agendas Project, Intereuro and the Comparative Interest Group Survey.

Currently, she is also a member of the group Opposition parties in Europe: Goals, Strategies and Discourse (OPEu).

Her research aims to answer why some interest groups have more power than others or in other words what explain the power distribution in democratic societies, and why groups that a priori do not have power manage to influence the final result of the policy.

In recent years she has led the LITIGs group, which focuses on the analysis of collective action, legal mobilization and access to justice. The objective of this project is to analyze how the institutionalization of European justice and the decentralization of justice open up new action scenarios and legal mobilization opportunities for citizen organizations, and to what extent this is enough to improve access to justice on issues such as immigration, the environment and women equality and rights